My Vision for Marchan Group

Originally, I created an “About Me” page on my website with the intention to introduce myself to potential new businesses. However, as my business has grown and evolved, I realized that I needed to improve upon its foundation.

I poured so much into my “About Me” section that I decided to create a post for the purpose of sharing my vision for Marchan Group.

Thank you to every single person that has motivated me to pursue my dreams, quite literally for those who know the full story. I value and appreciate all of you. Here we go.

My Mission

I created this small business with the hope to reach individuals who are looking for more; more resources, more out of their jobs/careers and more out of their one-on-ones. For individuals who are fresh to the workforce scene or well-versed professionals who are looking to obtain skills, resources, attitudes and expectations needed to compete in today’s workforce.

My biggest take-away from my lived experiences goes back to my mother’s constant words on educational wealth. “No one can take your education away from you, it’s a form of wealth you can never run out of,” and she was absolutely right. The biggest investment you can make is to count yourself in! Invest in yourself, you are your longest relationship and like all relationships, this will take commitment, respect and self-awareness.

About Me

Growing up as a second generation immigrant, I did not know what my options were for a career, job or internship. As a matter of fact, I did not encounter the term internship until my senior year in high school, thinking it was a to-do item for my college days. Surprisingly, when I got to college, I found out internships were also available for high schoolers. I felt ashamed, I had encountered my first missed opportunity.

In today’s political and workforce climate, although they are irrevocably intertwined and relatable in a cause-and-effect manner, we need to work twice as hard to maintain gainfully employed. Often times there are no readily available options for resources. And if you are anything like me, you do not ask for help. It is engrained in our culture and upbringing that we should be able to do things ourselves.

Why this, why now

My career post college graduation was not exactly picture perfect. There were flaws to my dream job and career; I did not have adequate experience nor connections to take a chance on me. I believe in working with a purpose and my career path led me to work in education, planning and human services. I have dedicated my professional life to grow in the capacities of organizational, team development and project management through the efforts of relationship management, designing and implementing curriculums. I am truly excited to continue to expand on my passion and life’s work.

I realized there was a gap in navigating the ever-changing realm between searching for a job and job readiness. Did you know that hiring departments, human resources professionals and labor laws are constantly being updated? Unless you are part of the industry, or have the reach within your network, not many people could speak to those changes. With remote work on the table, e-learning for the nation’s children and learning to navigate that platform, where do you find the time to catch up on the latest HR hiring trends? Did you know that simply listing your work experience on your resume is not enough? Which resume opener should you choose: Career Objective or Professional Summary? Should you include a cover letter or is that practice out-dated? How can I get on a recruiter’s radar? What question should I ask during an interview?

So here we are, I decided to branch out and take on a few clients to dedicate myself strictly to improving and aiding the process to allow professionals to reach their next milestone. To fully allow myself to achieve this goal, I created the Marchan Group to have full authenticity and autonomy over my work. A business that reflects my value-driven mission, strong work ethics, creative thinking and commitment to excellence.

I look forward to e-meeting you!


Carol Marchan

Published by Carol Marchán

I'm a professional focused on social media marketing, blogging, and business development. I am passionate about promoting growth through organic strategies. I have worked on my business full-time promoting my expertise in elevating small businesses through integrated business marketing campaigns and elevating people through professional advancement. My overall goal is to inspire small business owners to grow their businesses organically. I want individuals to be able to brand themselves as experts with confidence.

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