The Team

Carol Marchán

Founder and CEO

Carol enjoys creating content and amplifying on what’s already existing. While working on her business development strategy is her main passion, she takes pride in helping other’s achieve their business goals.

Email: Phone: (312) 888-6329

Amanda Urquhart

Content Producer Intern

Amanda loves to create and is a SUPERSTAR when it comes to working under pressure and on a deadline. In Amanda’s free time you can find her working on her podcast and Mandiely, her very own small business.

Carol and Amanda attended DePaul University and graduated from the College of Communication. They enjoy creating content, sharing ideas, and collaborating on creating the best product for their clients. While they both have their respective small businesses, they created a collaboration on projects where both experts can create a team environment and culture to foster creativity.

Iliana Gonzalez

Copy Writer & Business Strategy Consultant

As a first-generation college student (DePaul University) from Chicago, Iliana found her heart in service and education. Her passion and dedication for providing educational access and opportunities to underserved student populations have led to working in many diverse settings and with several nonprofits across the country. She also has extensive experience and significant accomplishments in the areas of student development and preparation for the workforce or college, team leadership, and management of new programs and initiatives.

She is an aspiring social media manager, writer, and lifelong learner. She serves in a variety of leadership volunteer positions including DePaul University’s Latinx Alumni chapter Co-Chair and Social Media Committee Member of the DePaul Latinx Alumni Chapter, President of her condo association, and Secretary for Positive Focus. She also enjoys reading, cooking, anything to do with sunshine and is a fitness enthusiast.

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