About The Founder

Carol Marchan is the CEO & Founder of Marchan Group. The LLC was formed to provide a safe space for growth. While that space can be found in many areas, this was established with the hopes of creating a foundation for small businesses and individuals to excel without fear of failure.

Marchan Group was established in August 2020, and is trailblazing through small business hurdles while establishing a steady following and building a dedicated network of professionals.

“I believe in working with a purpose. My career path guided me to work in the field of Consulting services. My education in accounting and organizational communication created a skill set to successfully build my career. I am always learning and take a chance at investing in myself and my brand, when possible. I invite you to do the same.

I tend to seek opportunities and challenges where I can feel good about the work that I do. My passion lies with helping others. I am enthusiastic about small businesses, working with the community, while providing opportunities to develop others.”

Carol marchAN

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