About The Founder

Carol Marchan is the CEO & Founder of Marchan Group. The LLC was formed to provide a safe space for growth. Established with the hopes of creating a foundation for small businesses and individuals to excel without fear of failure and with an abundance of resources.

Marchan Group was established in August 2020 and is trailblazing through small business hurdles while establishing a steady following of clients, and followers while building a dedicated network of professionals.

“I’m a Latina who walks into a room and creates connections while showcasing value. I focus on digital strategies such as multi-media marketing, blogging, in-print publications, website optimization, and branding. My education in accounting and organizational communication created a skillset to successfully build my career.

I have worked on my business full-time promoting my expertise in small business development through integrated business marketing, and elevating personal branding through resume writing, interview best practices, and more.

My overall goal is to inspire small business owners to grow their businesses on their terms. On the career side, I want individuals to be able to present themselves as the experts they are, with confidence.

I identify as a lifelong learner and invite you to schedule a call with me. Invest in your brand, whenever possible and take up the space you deserve. You are worth it.

Carol Marchan

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