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Welcome to my blog. You will find a variety of topics, often encouraged by clients, friends, and colleagues. These thoughts and opinions are strictly my own and have been put together to offer insight into career development, personal branding, interviewing preparation and so much more.

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Inside the Interview

You’ve completed the first steps. You researched, tailored your resume and cover letter, once again, to apply to a position that best matches your skills. Days later you receive an email to coordinate a call-back with the Human Resources department for a 30-minute interview. Afterwards, you receive a congratulatory email.…

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How to Organize for Multi-Tasking

Working on multiple projects or multiple moving parts within a project can prove to be difficult as responsibilities increase and as deadlines approach. It is assumed by most employers that individuals are equipped with the skills necessary to handle such demands. And the truth is, they are. A lot of…

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Best Interviewing Practices 2021

Being skilled and qualified is not enough. It is also necessary to interview very well. Most readers of this blog will fall into one of the following three categories, they are happily employed but looking for better opportunities, they have not interviewed in years and need a quick re-cap on…

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Organization 101: Setting up for success

As part of Marchan Group’s DM Q&A edition, we answer questions sent in to us. A very popular question is one on organization skills for best practice and success. Here is my response through social media platforms on how to better prepare by first acknowledging one’s strengths and weaknesses. Once…

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My Vision for Marchan Group

Originally, I created an “About Me” page on my website with the intention to introduce myself to potential new businesses. However, as my business has grown and evolved, I realized that I needed to improve upon its foundation. I poured so much into my “About Me” section that I decided…

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Building a Brand 101

Why you need a “brand” and why you need to work on it, consistently, creating brand awareness along the way. Everyone has a brand, let’s start here. Whether they realize it or not, we establish ourselves through our credibility, our skills and experience and our story. What’s a story? Think…

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Having a Voice at the Big Table: Brand Management

Things to know before we start… What does it mean to have a voice? Why does Branding matter? During my undergraduate career I had the opportunity to come across a brilliant Latina. She not only taught me about leadership and branding but she helped me create a brand for myself…

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About Me

Hi, I’m Carol Marchan, a proud mujer Mexicana with strong roots in the immigrant community.

I was born and raised in the Logan Square area in Chicago, IL., and love everything about this city. During my undergraduate career my focus was primarily in the field of Communication, however, I spent a large amount of time in the College of Commerce.

Following my passions, I find myself in the Consulting industry as a Career Consultant. I am proud to say I carry on my alma mater’s Vincentian values in my work today by helping people achieve their educational goals and guiding them through the job search process with stellar career services, brand management, and networking tips and tricks

During my free time I enjoy spending time with my nieces and nephews, family and friends. I believe in the power of a strong network. I enjoy traveling and a nice whiskey.

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