How to Organize for Multi-Tasking

Working on multiple projects or multiple moving parts within a project can prove to be difficult as responsibilities increase and as deadlines approach. It is assumed by most employers that individuals are equipped with the skills necessary to handle such demands. And the truth is, they are. A lot of people have the skills necessaryContinue reading “How to Organize for Multi-Tasking”

Organization 101: Setting up for success

As part of Marchan Group’s DM Q&A edition, we answer questions sent in to us. A very popular question is one on organization skills for best practice and success. Here is my response through social media platforms on how to better prepare by first acknowledging one’s strengths and weaknesses. Once you answer the questions onContinue reading “Organization 101: Setting up for success”

My Vision for Marchan Group

Originally, I created an “About Me” page on my website with the intention to introduce myself to potential new businesses. However, as my business has grown and evolved, I realized that I needed to improve upon its foundation. I poured so much into my “About Me” section that I decided to create a post forContinue reading “My Vision for Marchan Group”