Having a Voice at the Big Table: Brand Management

Things to know before we start…

What does it mean to have a voice? Why does Branding matter? During my undergraduate career I had the opportunity to come across a brilliant Latina. She not only taught me about leadership and branding but she helped me create a brand for myself that I could not even fathom. How we see ourselves and how others see us are two very different perspectives.

Tips for Building Strong Brand Awareness

The first step of building a strong brand identity begins with self-reflection.

  • What unique skills set you apart from the next person?
  • What is your unique competitive advantage?
  • What is your Unique Selling Point (USP)?
  • Can you point to a specific experience that shaped or had a deep impact on your life or career?
  • What is your story? How did it impact change?
  • Have a strong elevator pitch (this is not unique to sales positions)

Being silent in a meeting with a head full of thoughts doesn’t create change. Producing a game plan for a solution or creative idea requires a voice. Why? Your idea can fall flat based on your delivery, content strategy, experience and history with the organization, and lastly due to a poor brand.

We have all been there before, we have a great idea but due to little prior involvement, no recognition, lack of appreciation for our efforts, lack of opportunity to take charge of a task, we are not listened to nor seen.

Creating a strong brand helps you establish your professional profile at work without having to reiterate your values, skill set, and experience every single time. The credibility of your brand will precede you.

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Published by Carol Marchán

I'm a professional focused on social media marketing, blogging, and business development. I am passionate about promoting growth through organic strategies. I have worked on my business full-time promoting my expertise in elevating small businesses through integrated business marketing campaigns and elevating people through professional advancement. My overall goal is to inspire small business owners to grow their businesses organically. I want individuals to be able to brand themselves as experts with confidence.

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